Understanding C++ First program

Basic C++ structure and its hello world program

Posted by Zohaib Qazi on may 15, 2017

Understanding C++ First program

This post simply describes the basic c++ structure and hello world c++ first program which are clearly shown. this post is all about understanding c++ first program. Also a C++ balochi video is shown below if you want to watch it then check it below

#include< iostream >

A header file which Provides basic inputs and output operations/Functionality

using namespace std;

Std means standard Which shows that standard words are used in a program Like cin, cout, String , vector, etc

int main()

Is the main function where program execution begins. Every program has a main function. Functions are things you want computer what to do.
1: Opening Brace {
2: closing Brace }
int main ( ) {

cout << "Hello World”;

It is a Statement which is used in the main function and used to display the Message “Hello World”. Every Statement must end with Semi-Colon “;”. cout : Is used to display whatever is in Stream Insertion Operator or Double Quotations << = Stream Insertion Operator: endl = End the Line or Next Line

return 0;

The Main Function always return 0. Means whenever you return 0 it tell your program that it ran fine.

Understanding C++ Hello World Program Video in Balochi

Hello World C++ code by balochprgorammer

#include < iostream >
using namespace std;
int main()
cout << "Hello World" << endl ;
return 0 ;