Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi

Difference between Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Posted by Ghulam Mustafa on may 15, 2017

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi

Here you will learn all about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both techniques that provide wireless communication. How they are used and what they are designed to do so for. How both are different from each other. And Let us discuss some main differences between them.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that is used to interchange data over small distances (less than 30 feet). However, this means that a Bluetooth can enable any device that is able to interconnect with other Bluetooth devices, such as a printer, wireless headset, and MP3 player. Bluetooth, therefore, performances much like a cord between the two devices.


Wi-Fi has approximately similar applications to Bluetooth, you can say that printing or setting up a network and transferring files. However, it is a wireless standard, and it is designed to communicate between devices that serves to wirelessly connect devices to the internet.

Compare Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

No : Bluetooth Wi-Fi
1 Frequency 2.4 GHz Frequency 2.4, 3.6, 5 GHz
2 Cost Low Cost High
3 BandwidthLow ( 800 Kbps ) BandwidthHigh (11 Mbps )
4 Security It is less secure. Security issues are already being debated.
5 Year of development 1994 Year of development 1991
6 Power Consumption Is Low Power Consumption Is High
7 Bit-rate 2.1Mbps Bit-rate 600 Mbps

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