This Free Tool Scans Your Windows PC For NSA Vulnerabilities

Posted by Zohaib Qazi on may 25, 2017

This Free Tool Scans Your Windows PC For NSA Vulnerabilities

We should concede that the world had quite recently seen a massive ransomware attack. Wannacry Ransomware attack has effected big companies and organizations all over the world.

All things considered, analysts are developing methods to fix Wannacry ransomware. Analysts are currently creating tools that can possibly open the blocked PCs.
As of late, security firm Qihoo (360 Total Security) has built up a tool which will give clients a chance to examine their PC to see whether is there known vulnerabilities that were utilized by the NSA.

The report originated from Softpedia. The new tool can examine for the EternalBlue exploit which was utilized as a part of WannaCry. It can even scan for other malware like EternalChampion, EternalSynergy, EternalRomance and so forth.

The tool makes a bit much simple, it scan your PC to see whether it is completely fixed block all known vulnerabilities. It will likewise tell clients about existing security flaws on their PC.

The device suggests the required updates to secure your PC. However, clients who need to experiment with the device ought to attempt at their own hazard. To download the tool, visit this link